Illustrations by Tom Bailey

Long Covid (also known as post-COVID-19 condition and post-COVID-19 syndrome) is the experience of still being unwell in the weeks, months or even years following a COVID-19 infection.

Long Covid symptoms can have a range of effects on people, and people with Long Covid can find it hard to put symptoms into words so others know what it is really like.

This website has been informed by the findings of the STIMULATE-ICP active case finding and HI-COVE studies which seek to understand experiences of Long Covid in order to support people’s help seeking. It has also been co- developed with people living with Long Covid and professionals who work with people living with Long Covid. It can be used as a tool to help people living with Long Covid talk about their symptoms so they can get care and support.

Topics covered within this tool:

Throughout each section we have included example experiences from others with Long Covid symptoms to show that you are not alone!

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